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Brian Macrae

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Brian Macrae published his debut written work, a short novel called The Sky’s Eyes, in 2016. More information about the novel is at theskyseyes.com

Brian grew up in Connecticut. He left home at 19 and moved to San Francisco, California. That move began a habit of moving frequently that lasted 15 years. A few of the places he called home were Rochester New York, Columbia South Carolina, Boulder and Durango Colorado, Durham and Raleigh North Carolina. He finally settled in Asheville North Carolina and lived there for a while. He then moved up to the Poconos, a vacation area in Eastern Pennsylvania to be with the woman that he would eventually marry.

The years spent in San Francisco were the most formative. Seeking knowledge and experience, he read voraciously and sought out new activities whenever possible. The other experience that would have a serious impact was an accident in a restaurant that put him in the hospital for 28 days. He left with skin grafts covering nearly 1/3 of his body and a renewed expectation that life should always have direction. Life can be slow and leisurely or hectic and driven, but it should never be random or pointless.

He delved into yoga as physical therapy after the injury and eventually became a yoga teacher. That led to a practice called AcroYoga which is a combination of Acrobatics and Yoga. His other passion is renovating houses.

You can view his other activities at brianmdavis.com